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The women of today not only know what they want but also have strong opinion to keep forward and stick to it. Celebrating womanhood is all about embracing each other’s qualities and being a strong pillar of support for all the women around us. The Talk Room has come up with its special Women’s Club to boost the confidence of each and every woman out there and make them aware of their true potential also to be a platform where all women can come and express their thoughts, feelings and feel motivated.

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Somebody asked me the other day “ What defines a woman? ”

           Gandhi ji had written, “Woman is an embodiment of peace and sacrifice.” According to me being a woman means sharing a special connection that extends beyond race, age, sexuality, political opinions and physically. A woman is the personification of ageless beauty, selfless love, purity grace and dignity. She symbolizes virtue, great inner strength, tremendous patience, resilience and fortitude. The same values she inculcates in everyone around her.
          Women empowerment is one of the most critical and essential thing that everyone must support. To make the fair sex feel confident, to ingrain the leadership skills and communication skills The Talk Room has taken an initiative to remove the bottlenecks from the minds of the women The Talk Room goes a step ahead to develop the personality of women. We strongly believe every heart has a story. A woman’s heart is soft, passionate and tender, it has buried innumerable tales to be told, let us open the casket and spread enlightenment. Let us just talk!!  talk!! and talk our hearts out, so that new direction open up their arms with abroad smile. The Talk Room proudly announces the opening of


The Talk Room’s Women’s Club has lot to offer you! there will be various interactive sessions by many strong known personalities, also we will be discussing many elements for the growth of the women and what else can be done to bring up the women from every corners of our country. Along with that we will focus also on various aspects of personality development which is very much essential for over all well-being if you want yourself to be noticed and to feel good & positive about yourself you should definitely go for it. various sessions on communication skills will be conducted to make sure that your base is strong and you are good to fly, discover and bring out your own beautiful colours!

Happy Women’s day from us to all the beautiful ladies out there who still have a little girl within themselves who is curious and want to discover various new things. The Talk Room is one of the reputed and best overall personality development training centres in Dehradun.

To be a strong independent woman you need to believe in yourself and tackle every difficult situation with grace. Its all about to start the journey of transformation from self-doubting to self-confidence. To start a new chapter in your life it doesn’t matter at which stage you are presently in your life, a story or a beautiful chapter starts right after you bring the good change within you! To be bold and to make sure that your view is acknowledged & counted for that you as a woman have to groom yourself strongly. At the Talk Room we have well experienced trainers who will train and transform your personality such a way that you personally feel proud of yourself.

We all women right from our young age we have faced certain level of discrimination based on our skin tone, body weight, height, looks and the list goes on and on. Now is the time to stop these stereotypical thinking and never-ending demands and expectation of our society and to stand on our own feet and feel free to do whatever we want. Now its all about what women want! We must set an example for the coming generation and to make a place full of equality, justice and support. There are many women among us who are facing various violence including domestic, verbal, mental abuse and still manage to bring the smile on face. This women day let’s pledge together to bring out ourselves from the shell and to be a better version. By our initiative of Women’s Club,we will be discussing about various such issues which we women face in our daily life and also together as a team we will find a solution for it. also, many women will be sharing their experiences facing racism, violence and many other issues. Our main motive is to make a better place for living for all the women and make them realize that they are not alone, we all are together in this.
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