My Consciousness

I had just gone to #sleep and was in my #dreams.I had entered the zone of fanciful world when suddenly there was a knock on the door, almost pushing the door it entered in like an intruder entering the prohibited zone.”You should have thought twice before you acted”,the voice was more commanding.It gave me a sense of repulse first and I asked ,”who are you to command?” The reply was straight “I am #Consciousness”.Yes, #awareness as I call it simply.Despite millenia of analyzes definitions ,explanations and debates by scientists, philosophers Consciousness remains a puzzling and controversial subject.The only widely accepted term is #Intuition.Trust your intuition, #believe you me it will knock at the right moment when you are going wrong,Don’t ignore it,open the doors of your mind as soon as it knocks,coz it is full of #love, #generosity, #truth and #honesty

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