Time Slots According to Age

4 - 6 Years

12 to 1 PM

7 - 9 Years

11 to 12 PM

10 - 12 Years

3 to 4 PM

13 - 15 Years

1 to 2 PM

16 - 18 Years

4 to 5 PM


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    Author Extra Ordinaire

    1. Characteristics of good writing
    2. Poetry
    3. Figurative language
    4. Sensory details
    5. Short story
    6. Character, setting, plot, theme
    7. Playwriting
    8. Word choice


    (Speak and shine)

    1. Increases your self confidence
    2. Voice modulation
    3. Body language
    4. Storytelling in Public speaking
    5. Know your audience
    6. Prepare effective speeches (informature/ persuasive)
    7. Creating hooks
    8. Presentation technique

    Tell your Tales

    (Art of storytelling)

    1. Boosts imagination
    2. Types of stories
    3. How to create effective props
    4. Body language
    5. Voice modulation
    6. Storytelling elements
    7. Storytelling methods
    8. Theme based storytelling


    (English grammar)

    Shall be done according to age groups

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    • Finale On 1st June
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     As a sweet tooth gave birth to Nutella, the hunger and craving to edify communicate, converse and confer gave birth to The Talk Room Communicatella indeed our organization is a product of dedicated and determined mindsets. The thought was to raise awareness on the gravity of communication skills. It is important to come up with summer camp activities for kids time to time.

    We often hear a statement, ‘You are unique in your own way’. The question arises, what makes us unique or what is the most unique thing about us and our personality? Well, the answer lies in the question ‘our personality’ makes us unique. Each one of us is beautifully unique in our own way. With our skills, abilities, personality and character. The need is to understand that all these are our assets and we can build them, nourish them and develop them.

    We at The Talk Room, take this initiative to help you discover your hidden skills, we cultivate the seed of confidence, foster your leadership skills, endorse your personality and advocate your communication skills. As we grow a year old our vision for our next gen has become all the more wider. The kinds of courses that have been conceptualized for them keeping their future needs in mind shall have bright and sunshine lives for them. Therefore, The Talk Room has organized summer camps activities for kids to encourage kids. Our one year anniversary talks highly of one International Children’s Summit, International Inter School Fest, Online National Debate along with

    celebrations of important days such as Blah! Blah! Day, celebrating little minds, Talk show, Interviews with various multifaceted personalities in house activities at The Talk Room right from toddlers to To years old’s.

    We strive hard with our persistent efforts to touch the zenith and help one and all to foster their communication skills. The gala event talks all about the sweat and turmoil of each and every family member of The Talk Room and as gratitude to our clients and audience for their unconditional love and support. We welcome kids from all over the different parts of country who are looking forward to join summer camps activities for kids organized by us.

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