Quickees For Little Scholars (Available Offline/Online)

Listening is vital part of communication skills. So, is speaking and reading. In these fast changing times it is important these fast changing times it is important to be an effective communication. For students at all levels of education, these communication skills are expressive skills which are used to express our feelings, thoughts and expressions. These may be sometimes inherited but most of the times they need to be learned. The Talk Room gives these quick learners and scholars some quickee courses on communication. As per the age of the child you may pick up a course that you think can help your child to learn some effective schools on communication. These quickee courses of 10 days each beginning from 15th march 2021.

What difference do these courses make?

  • Raise self confidence
  • Creating good interpersonal skills 
  • Better learners
  • Understanding teamwork
  • Improvement in present of mind
  • Memory enhancement
  • Problem solving skills

4-7 Year

# WAFFLE (words/ adjectives/ fluency/ listening/ engaging)

Listening, speaking and reading is fun when intermingled with enthusiasm
Coand imagination
Storytellingmprehending the meanings, correct usage of vocabulary
Confidence and leadership
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7-9 Year


Pronunciation and vocabulary
Use of synonyms and antonyms
Idioms and metaphors
Diction through drama and poetry

# Storytelling is an Art

Use of imagination skills
Confidence building and creation
Learn to create stories through classic structure

# Speak and Shine

Confidence building
Body language
Voice modulation
Speaking in extempore, speeches, conversations

# LSRW (listening, speaking, reading, writing)

Read, speak and write your thoughts
Usage of vocabulary
Tongue twisters, stories, poetry
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9-11 Year

# War of Words

Create influential skills
Use of emotional quotient in speaking
Practice speaking poetry, role plays and speeches

# Speak and Shine

How to create your talk
Use of storytelling in your talk
Use of pauses
Body language
Voice modulation

# Creative Writing

Blog writing
Content creation (stories, drama, poetry)
Vocabulary and writing styles (structure)
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11-13 Year

# Speak and Shine

Influencing skills                          Need of emotional quotient
Power of persuasion                  Know your audience
Convincing and thought provoking

# Creative Writing

Create your own stories and poem
Know about literary devices
Share summaries, reviews and ideas

#Practice your learning

Impromptu        Debate
Jam                     Speech
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# War of Words
# Creative Writing
# Storytelling

During the 10 days’ workshop, the students shall be observed on basis of their responses work assigned to their interests and improvements. The Resource persons will then pick out 5 students from each course and there shall be a competition among those 5 students. The first three students shall be eligible for awards. The competition will be held after the completion of the course.

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