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The best spoken-English grammar coach Dehradun, Mrs. Swarleen Kaur is the founder of The Talk Room and she is an acknowledged author as well. She is a strong believer of the fact that life has many phases. She says, our life is the best teacher, which teaches us some of the important life values through ups and downs. In this journey, it is important to have a strong mindset, to believe in yourself, and to enjoy every moment no matter how hard it gets.

Sometimes we feel joyous, and sometimes completely shattered, and to survive both the situations we need to have a positive approach towards life. No matter how hard life gets there is a solution for every problem, and the solution is within us! And yes, you read it right the solution is within us. The best spoken-English grammar coach Dehradun, Mrs Swarleen Kaur strongly believes that our attitude and thought process truly sparks up our personality.

The book “Good Vibes Make Good Lives” is all about the journey of the author, who has explained what life means to her and how she has overcome every situation in her life through her lens. How she faced difficult situations and enjoyed happy moments.

This book, written by Mrs. Swarleen Kaur will help you to grow in life, and make you believe in the idea that the ultimate secret to success is hard work and honesty. The author Ms. Swarleen Kaur, the best spoken-English grammar coach Dehradun shares her experience and this book also guides us to have a clear perspective and to treat our life easier with the value of learning, unlearn and relearn. Whenever one door is closed, 10 other doors are opened with many good opportunities, it is our job to find it out and be optimistic throughout the journey. The key to every solution is within us.

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Good Vibes Make Good Lives

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