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  1. There shall be a team of two students, one speaking in favour of the motion and the other speaking against the motion
  2. Time limit for each individual is 3 to 4 minutes. The timekeeper will ring the first bell at 3 mins and then the second bell at 4 mins, it is advised to adhere to the time limit, otherwise the child shall be disqualified.
  3. Paper reading shall not be encouraged
  4. Nobody is allowed to interrupt while the speaker is speaking
  5. Any participant found using foul language, misbehaving or arguing shall be terminated at once, no offensive language against any religion, politics or nationality shall be accepted
  6. After the participant has presented his ideas, there shall be a rebuttal round
  7. Only one question is permitted in the rebuttal round and that also with the due permission of the chairperson, to whomsoever the chair gives a consent ,that participant of the opposing team can ask the question
  8. The decision of the jury shall be final
  9. If the child is unable to answer the question in the rebuttal round ,he earns no score and if the participant answers the question, he shall be marked between 1 to 5 by the jury according to his answer
  10. Only teams shall be allowed to participate ,the organisation does not take any responsibility for creating teams
  11. Participants shall be judged on the basis of relevance to the topic, using strong and persuasive arguments, promptness, fluency ,correct grammatical structures, vocabulary and pronunciation
  12. Only 15 teams shall be taken in for the competition for both the groups respectively which means 15 teams for middle school and 15 for senior group, It shall be based on first come first basis
  13. The meeting portal shall be zoom, the link for which shall be sent two days prior to the competition


Children should have more say over their education


The development of artificial intelligence will help humanity.

The age groups have been divided into two categories
Grade VI to VIII
Grade IX to XII

The participation is open for individuals as well as schools, each school can send one team for middle school group and one for the senior school.
Students in India and Pan India can participate in the event.

Registration Fees

  • Last date of submission: 11 june, 2021


There shall be awards for both the categories,

A special prize for the winning team shall be given away @ INR 10,000
E-certificates shall be provided to all the participants and the winners
A special interview session on The Talk Room page shall be done with
the winners

The last date for the submission of the form is 25th May 2021

If the slots get filled before 11 June ,the organisation shall close the registrations
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The results for both the categories shall be announced at 12:30 PM
ON 29th May 2021
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