Words are important as they help us to convey our thoughts and to present it effectively. When it comes to children it’s very important to help them boost their communication skills right from the beginning by introducing to them with various new words, phrases and improving their reading skills. Being the best kids English grammar classes Dehradun, The Talk Room understands the importance of good vocabulary in a child’s life. We also believe that as children have the capacity to adapt new skills easily we should make full use of it by training them. Moreover you want your child to have a rich and fulfilling life, one of the best things you can do is help build your child’s vocabulary. Strong vocabulary knowledge will help children in building good relationship with others as well as they will become more expressive.
While there are various methods for boosting child’s vocabulary, here we present to you the 10 most effective methods which will surely help you boost your child’s vocabulary.

Talk to your child regularly

It’s a good habit to talk to your child regularly. Discuss with them what is going around, ask them about their friends, what happened in school also discuss about interesting stuffs during dinner or lunch instead of watching TV.

Talk about the events or objects that excites the child

You can discuss with them about their favorite cartoon shows by using some new words also you can take them out to some zoos and help them express their views. If you talk to a kid on topic that excites them there is a great chance for them to learn new vocabs quickly. As Swarleen Kaur runs the best kids English grammar classes Dehradun, she makes sure that children talk openly with her at live sessions. She speaks about children’s doubts.

Use kid-friendly terms

At the beginning stage use easy words which they can understand and remember so that they can use it while expressing their thoughts. If you use words which are one level up for them there is a chance for them to get confused.

Describe the word

Explain then meaning of the words or terms which is new to them. Explain them in easy language and in an interesting manner so that they understand and register in their mind.

Act it out

While explaining some new words or terms do actions and explain them. By doing action it becomes easier for a child to learn fasterand quicker.

Talk about past events

You can talk and discuss about past events. Motivate and encourage them to express their views while they are expressing correct them if they use any wrong vocabulary also you can get engage and use new words or new terms.

Read and discuss books

Reading is the best and the most important method to develop new vocabulary. Reading not only helps in learning new words but also helps and boosts imagination power of a kid.

Synonyms and Antonyms

When you use new words while communicating with them, explain the meaning as well as explain the opposite of that word. For example: if there is a big tree, show to them the smaller tree as well. This is how children learn quickly and in a fun way.

Encourage them to read and write on their own

Inculcate the habit of reading and writing within your child. These are the pillars of strong communication and vocabulary skills. When children try writing by their own, their vocabulary improves as well as their thinking skills. The best personality development coach in Dehradun, Swarleen Kaur encourages children to read more, write more and talk in English with other children. This makes them more confident about themselves.

Avoid overloading of vocabulary

Keep it simple and easy for them to understand. If you introduce too many new words to them they will become confused and will avoid learning and keep running away.

Follow these methods, and we are sure that your child’s vocabulary will improve like never before! Practice is the ultimate mantra for a strong vocabulary. Children can also join The Talk Room, the best kids English grammar classes Dehradun, offers courses like LSRW, Interview skills, English Grammar, English Literature, etc. The best thing is we offer online classes also.

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