The basic fundamental of any relationship is friendship! The friendlier you are with your kids the more comfortable they are with you. Parenting is all about continuous learning and taking your relationship with your kids to the next level every-day. Confidence is one of the greatest gifts that a parent can give to their child. As children get older, that confidence can be as important skill as their other skills within themselves.
The best public speaker Dehradun, Swarleen Kaur discusses 10 ways to build self-worth in children and help them feel they can handle what comes their way.

Focus on efforts, not results

Its not always necessary to win. It is very important to recognize your child’s effort and taking it to the right direction. Winning or losing is secondary only what matters is your child’s participation and their effort for giving their best. Appreciate their efforts no matter what.

Let them tackle their problems by themselves

Let your child figure out their problems by doing so they will become a good decision maker also they will understand and analyse the situation in a better way.

Encourage their Curiosity

Always encourage their curiosity, and at the same time as a parent you are supposed to be patient and answer to each of their doubts. When you do that, your child becomes comfortable with you as well as develops confidence to express and keep their thoughts in front of you.

Give them new challenges

The best public speaker Dehradun believes that you must create a challenging situation for your kids and let them think entirely and take decision. It will be great if you totally stay out of it, and let them handle the entire situation by their own. Let them take their own time and surely, they will come up with some good solution.

Never criticise their performance

Never compare them or criticize them for what they do. Remember, not all five fingers are same! Similarly, not all kids are same. Let them grow slowly but confidently.

Don’t tell them when you are worried about them

It’s good if you don’t discuss about your worries to them especially when it is related to them for their academics or any other. If you do so, they might start doubting themselves and feel neglected or under confident.

Praise them often

Being the best public speaker Dehradun, she suggests that keep motivating them and praising them, when they try to do something by their own whether it’s a small or a big deal! Keep encouraging them and boosting their confidence so that they face their challenges confidently.

Offer your help & support but not too much

Nothing is good too much! Whether it is their school assignment or any activities let them do by their own. Help them only when it becomes too difficult for them. Let them explore to their fullest.

Remember, Perfection is not the goal

Train your child to be confident but not always focus on them to be perfect. Perfection can only be achieved when you continuously work for it and it is a life long journey. Your child is too new to understand the concept of perfection.

Show your love

Show your love to your kids. Let your child know that you love him/her no matter what. Winning and losing is a part of life. Even when you are mad at them, let them know that they are very important to you, and you are always there for them no matter what!

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