Summer camps are conducted so that kids enjoy to the fullest and at the same time they learn various new things which is required in long run. Various activities, events, competitions are conducted in summer camp to make sure that kids participate and inculcate new values and skills within them. Now due to the advancement in technologies it becomes challenging to grab their attention and to create some fun activities so that they enjoy it. The Talk Room has come up with the best self development courses Dehradun for students. The coaching center grooms its student’s right from the scratch. It helps them to gain the confidence which they require to spark up their personality. We also conduct online classes for both kids and adults.

The Talk Room has listed 15 interesting and fun summer camp activities below.

Art & Craft

Art and craft can be fun and at the same time kids pay more attention and it also helps them to think more creatively at the same time increases their concentration power.

Hide and seek

Hide and seek is another fun activity which you can conduct if you have a good playground facility.


To keep the energy high, tug-of-war game is another good choice which each and every child enjoys.

Indoor bowling

Indoor bowling can also be conducted to keep the kids busy.

Word games

This is another interesting game it increases the word power and vocabulary of growing children. This game is one of the most interesting and is listed in the names of all the self development courses Dehradun.

The maze

Creating a maze is again a super fun activity which you can conduct and kids really enjoy it as it boosts their power of staying in presence of mind.

Bicycle games

Bicycle competition is also another fabulous sports activity to bring on the sports spirit of the children.

Making friendship bracelets

This is another interesting activity to make bracelets b y using their own idea and creativity.

Land art

Land art is again good! You can teach children various important issues such as saving water, environment through creatively by land art

Stick art

With the help of matches sticks or any other small sticks you can conduct fun art sessions.

Spray painting

With the help of brush or spray bottle you can conduct spray painting competitions or fun learning sessions to keep children engaged.

Blob tags

After lunch or dinner blob tags is again a good idea to boost the friendship among children.

Coloring stones

Coloring stones with different colors, designs, patterns are again a good activity to conduct.


When children are tired with any sports activities so you can make them play UNO this is again a good game.

Scavenger hunt

If there are children of different age groups then scavenger is super fun and interesting game which can be kept in the morning or noon time.

So, these were few ideas which you can include in your summer camp activities and kids will surely enjoy, it will be total fun. The Talk Room is one of the renowned institutes that are known for being the best English-speaking coaching in Dehradun.  If you think you want to improve and build your kid’s grammar and vocabulary strong then get in touch with us to know more about best self development courses Dehradun.

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