We often tend to say ‘yes’ to most of the situations where we are not willing to say yes. It is done just not to hurt the sentiments of the other person. But is it really worth to say yes and feeling uncomfortable and guilty within yourself? The answer is NO! yes of course no one really likes listening ‘No’ but its also important to pay attention towards your mental health and to do what your really feel is right for you. The Talk Room, best kids’ personality development coaching academy will be discussing about 15 effective ways to say No without offending anyone.

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Apologies, but I can’t make it

It is as simple to simply start with a simple apology and keep your excuse forward.

I want to, but I’m able to

This is one of the good ways to make them understand and keep your reason forward without hurting their sentiments.

Let me think about it

If you are confused or in a double mind then you can surely ask them to give you some time and think about it.

Will let you know soon

At some point if you feel it is impossible for you to attend the event or you need to discuss about the plan with family then you can surely take some time and let them know after sometime.

Offer an alternative

If you think their plan is not according to your preference then you can offer them an alternative.

Explain them your point

If you really want to keep it easy then its better you tell them you’re your reason then they will surely understand it.

Don’t feel guilty

Its totally okay to say NO!

Just say it

If you really think the plan is not in your favor than just say it.

Not this time

This is again another way to avoid or to say no.

If only I could

If you have some near emergencies then you can say and make it clear.


This is again a sweet way to simply say no by not really offending.

Not likely

If you are uncertain about it then you can say them at the very beginning itself.

Just No

Simple No is the best way to keep it simple as well as real.

I’m already booked

If you are not available for that articular event or day then you can inform them about it at that very moment.

It’s not personal

Make it clear that its nothing personally related to them but its just the circumstances that making you to say ‘no’ and to keep no hard feelings for the same.

So, these were few ways by which you can smartly say ‘No’ and feel easy and relaxed. For more information regarding personality and language development skills get in touch with the best kids’ personality development coaching academy, The Talk Room.

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