Everyday you get up with a new purpose  but there is a mammoth which does not let you tread ahead in life.Most of us are bitten by this bug called #Fear,yes #fearoffailure  also called as Atychiphobia There is an apprehensiveness to tread ahead, because the subconscious mind has been fed with the food of fear.It happens when we allow that fear to prevent us from leading to our achievements,it acts as a road block.In that case we never try it at all.The fear of failing can be immobilized and can cause us to do nothing.Anxiety ,nervousness,fast heart beat are some common symptoms when the monster fear opens its jaws but the question is do we let it come in the way of our growth?  

Forget it and stop telling yourself”I am down in the dumps” rather March ahead with head held high,believe in yourself,failures are stepping stones. I strongly believe the more you fail and fall the more you flourish.Come on!! Take that first step…

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