She got up with the strength unknown , battle half won and courage that had no replacement.All these years her sufferings had no end she always wanted to get out of that chaos and bedlam but she was gripped with fear that was unknown and that was reposed in her since ages. The fear of being deride by her own people would take a toll on her emotional well being but now she thought She won’t take it any more.People who had left and bereft her when she needed them the most must be deleted from her life.This is how she explains so eloquently
You delete the unwanted contacts from your cell phone coz you do not need them similarly you do not want to keep the waste in your home so you keep on removing the garbage time to time why not think about cleansing your interior.Why be upset of things, people or situation which take away your mental peace, LET GO AWAY…
It is not easy but yes can be done with strong DESIRE to DELETE the DRUDGERY FROM Life

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