Life is full of #surprises, and that too one after the other.We have innumerable plans in our mind.We often hear, you #perceive what you #believe but is it always true? We sometimes misjudge a statement and it is so much relevant in the fast changing times.You may have thought of grabbing the best job but you are heartbroken when your friend or may be an ABC person whom you even don’t know gets that . Unknown malice towards that person takes birth in our minds and we impel ourselves towards gloom.A kind of uncertainty takes birth in our mind and the statement ,you get what you think becomes a topic of dispute.Ask yourself two questions at this juncture of time ,”Do you believe in #God, do you trust His timings?

      Always remember three T’S Train your thoughts for Transition to reach the pinnacle of #Time.Yes, when things don’t happen the way you want, be sangfroid . Dwell on the thoughts,God has something better in store for you because his plans are always better than ours. Delay and dally are not always pessimistic, at times they pave a better future for you.So before you sink into negativity recollect the power of the statement, “Everything happens for a reason” but do not be misled and do not cease to make a movement, the take away here is keep trying, never #quit coz the right time may be at the next turn or  next move you make!!!!

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