Just like the first morning alarm rings to make me rise,one day I heard an alarm bell ringing inside of me,telling me it is time to wake up .That day I didn’t want to put it to snooze ,the sound was more like a murmur which awakened my dead spirits, inspired my beliefs,built my courage.Like a small child who follows his mother I followed that humming sound which was more of a lullaby, soothing,soft and serene.There was a bright illuminating light just like the first ray of the sun which had in a niche carved three words on the carpet of the sky.Those golden words became golden rule of life

Calmness, Compassion and Confidence

Be calm in every situation coz remember every cloud has a silver lining,this too shall pass.

Be compassionate with yourself and others as it heals all pains and also helps to relieve inner torment

Be confident coz it is a super power, you stop doubting yourself and the magic begins.

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