She did not want anyone to see her swollen eyes, she had been crying the whole day and now when she was actually left with no option ,she stood up trying to gather herself.She went to the washroom to wash her face for one last time, she did not even remember how many times since morning she had washed her face to hide the streams of tears overflowing from her sea eyes.One of the most sincere girls people around her had known, a topper in academics, an all rounder student and finally the best employee any company would have.She was a blessed beauty with brains.Anybody would envy her for the qualities she possessed, yet she was sad, alone and aloof.
She had been too sincere in her relationships, she lived her life with dignity, she had loved her friend dearly and in due time she got married to him but her miseries started she was abused, threatened ,beaten and tortured not because she deserved it but because she was more successful, because she was more beautiful, because she was more capable.In no time she started to lose her weight, her appetite and her self confidence was shackled and her dreams dashed to the ground.Today she had come to her parent’s place for a get together, everyone knew she was going weak but no one knew what she was going through was more of emotional pain rather than physical.One of her old classmates took notice of her and took her in the corner, she broke into tears and narrated him the complete story of the tortures given to her by her husband.She loved him so dearly that she did not want to lose him so suffered a lot.
After listening to her story I thought is this the only reason that love is called blind.Cupid can only shoot the arrows does he not know how to heal from those shoots that were amiss.Finally this girl went under counselling sessions and managed to free herself from the shackles of her ruthless husband. Today she is the CEO of one of the biggest firms in the metro cities of nation.She did not marry again but adopted a girl child and looks after her.She has everything today but she now wants everyone to understand

Be Courageous to fight for yourself

Be confident about yourself

Be Compassionate towards yourself

Criticism and critical evaluation about you by someone else must not be acceptable.
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:- Swarleen Kaur

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