A middle aged woman was sitting on the roof top of the most happening restaurant, the puff from the most high priced cigarette filled the place near her with fume. Haughty in her attitude her voice accompanied her conceited nature, she called the waiter in the most opinionated style.

I was on a date with the most alluring and charming gal of my life. The waiter took her order and left. Meanwhile on our table the other waiter had placed our order of grilled sandwiches and coffee, All of a sudden we heard someone screaming at the top of the voice. She looked educated but that didn’t work, she hailed from an extremely opulent family that didn’t work too, she was a famous industrialist what was the good use

The waiter’s feet got stuck and the mocktail fell on the lady’s dress.She could not control her rage and started to howl.The pretty gal with whom I had come out, my daughter gathered strength and decided not to be a mute spectator like everyone present there. On the contrary she went to that lady who was red hot with anger and who was threatening the poor waiter that she would make sure that he is thrown out of his job.

My daughter went to that lady and asked her,”Aunty your handbag is so nice, I loved it “, forgetting her anger for a moment she smiled her own prudish smile “but you know what aunty,the waiter doesn’t even earn this much that he can afford to buy this kind of bag with his six salaries also Imagine the plight of his children , If he is fired.The lady was so shocked hearing this from a 14 years old girl.She felt a little ashamed but I was feeling proud, not because my daughter showed her the real face but because my values had won.

Our personality does not reflect entirely on what we wear how exorbitant our belongings are but how we carry ourselves in the most simple attires, the way we speak and how Empathetic we are with people around us. In the race of Anger versus Affection. The latter always have an upper hand. Personality is also an intrinsic affair, it is what you are from Inside. affection #compassion #personaldevelopment #downtoearth

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