Vocabulary is something that is a never-ending process and must have the spirit of learning and evolving with new words that they come across. For some, learning new words may sound interesting but for some, it can be a little tiring. The top Spoken English Classes Dehradun, The Talk Room will be listing 15 interesting words that every middle schooler should know! Children must know some basic new words as it helps to improve their language communication skills and one thing that children must keep in mind that regular practice is required!

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1.      Amendment- it means a minor change, improvement.

2.      Authentic- something that is original.

3.      Condemn- disapproval, punishment.

4.      Chronological- a particular order.

5.      Irate- a feeling of great anger.

6.      Obnoxious- feeling extremely unpleasant.

7.      Talisman- an object that is supposed to have powers.

8.      Deceitful- misleading others.

9.      Derogatory- a disrespectful attitude.

10.    Treason- betraying someone’s country or something.

11.    Oppress- the power of authority used in a cruel manner.

12.    Exposition-an explanation of an idea.

13.    Bewildered- a state of being confused.

14.    Relinquish- to give up voluntarily.

15.    Agitate- to make someone feel nervous.

So, these were a few of the words that you can start practicing if you are a middle schooler. This is the right time to invest in good learning and to improve your communication skills. Language is a subject that you need to study with a lot of patience and can excel in it with tremendous practice.

Though learning has no age, one should keep learning and exploring. School students must extensively concentrate on improving their vocabulary as it will help them in long run and will also increase their knowledge. The Talk Room, top Spoken English Classes Dehradun grooms students right from the scratch. We help them to gain the confidence which they require to spark up their personality. We also conduct online classes for both kids and adults.

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